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Donate to Our Shelter:  
Donations can be made to  the Animal Shelter Foundation.  

Please Call us for more information.  Also check out our new program on Kuranda.com. 

You can donate a bed to our shelter.  Our goal is to see each dog have  a comfy kuranda bed to sleep on.  It enables them to get off of the cold,wet concrete floor whenever they like. 

Please log on to Kuranda.com and help us reach our goal.  It's easy to do and you will receive a special discount for donating to the shelter.

We can use any type of donations such as kitty litter, dog/cat food, dog/cat toys, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, bleach, newspapers, pet taxies, and monetary donations.


The Vermilion County Animal Shelter Foundation was chartered in 1986.

About Our Shelter:   The shelter is a Vermilion County owned and operated organization. The number is 431-2660.
Working there are a group of caring individuals who try to give the animals at the shelter the respect and care they deserve, while trying to find them good homes. 

Educating the public about the importance of spay/neuter and micro chipping.

Sometimes we come to you!

Thanks to the generosity of the Ellsworth C. Muldoon Estate, the Vermilion County Animal Shelter Foundation now has a mobile adoption unit. The mobile unit allows us to travel to fairs, festivals, etc. and allows you to see our great animals and obtain more information about our services. Be sure to look for our adoption trailer!  Watch the Announcement Panel at right for dates...

Contact the Vermilion County Animal Shelter Foundation for information at 217-431-0332.

Your donations directly impact the life of a needy shelter animal. Please donate to the shelter or the foundation.

If you are a licensed rescue and would like to help us save a wonderful animal at the shelter or a concerned citizen with questions about the type of rescues we use,  please feel free to contact us.



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